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I started my fitness journey February 17th 2011, weighing 125 kg, broken hearted, unhappy, self- loathing, desperately unhealthy and awaiting chronic illness ahead. I decided it was time to get off the couch and get moving before I hit 50 and start looking after myself.

The first couple of weeks involved repairing my heart, getting medical advice, and looking into fitness strategies. I googled local gyms and I came across a personal trainer Chrissie McDonald that had good results with obese clients. I wanted someone who understood my special needs, with all the emotional issues that go with dealing with super-obese clients.

My first training session with Chrissie was hard as I only managed to walk on a treadmill for 10 mins at 4.5 km/hr. Every session was emotional for me and I cried nearly every session. Chrissie understood my pain and worked hard with me physically and emotionally. Slowly over the months Chrissie encouraged and gave me confidence to attend group fitness classes thru her training sessions. Im now 70 kg, relatively fit for 48, happy, train with Chrissy 3 days a week, attend up to 10 group fitness classes a week, like myself for the first time in many years and I now can look in mirror with pride.

With Chrissie’s help, her expertise, her support, her humour, her boundless health knowledge I have my life back.


Thank you my friend.


Hi, my name is Jodie Smith and I’m 46yrs old. Happily married for 29 years with 3 beautiful daughters.

Like everyone my life is busy and full on, so therefore I got quite happy over all the years with the way I looked and felt. It was a very comfortable place I was sitting.
Then on the 8th January 2012 I was faced with the most horrible thing I could have ever seen… i saw myself naked in front of a mirror. I was so upset with what I saw I could not believe it; I remember thinking to myself “How could my Hubby love me” “How could my daughters be happy with me.
I went to the chemist and got on the scales and the numbers I saw made me cry I was 100kg…Wow did i need the smack in the face. Things had to change.

That was what I needed the next day my life changed for the better I was about to start my journey.
I made the decision to join the gym and change the terrible eating habits, I had tried this many times but I mint it this time. I took on this challenge alone I was to embarrassed to have a Pt trainer at this stage as I had no energy, couldn’t do anything, running on the treadmill was way out of the question.

After 8 months of challenging myself I had finally learnt to eat better and do some average exercising I had lost a total of 21kg at this stage, Wow did I feel good, so I was ready for some extra help now as I needed to step up the goals.
I approached Chrissie asking her for some help, we discussed my last 8 months and she was so proud of me and advised she would love to take me on the next part of my journey.
Chrissie’s support was so over whelming both as a Pt Trainer and as a Friend having the faith in me that I could do more and also there was allot more to achieve.
Chrissie stepped up the mark and challenged me to a lot more exercise that I never new I could do I’ve even managed to learn to run on the treadmill…. and sweat oh my god I hate this feeling but secretly I’m enjoying it now.

Now I am 30kg lighter have done 2 challenges at the gym feel ever so PROUD of myself and to go from a size 22 to a size 10-12 is the most amazing feeling. My Hubby and daughters tell me all the time I’m Beautiful and they are Proud how can you ever get sick of hearing that.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Chrissie has in store for me and I can’t wait to do the next challenge..

Chrissie you are truly amazing, you have gone so far out of your way to help me achieve so much already that I can’t thank you enough

What a trainer and what a friend you are…


“Training with Chrissie is one of the best things I have done for my health and my future.

Since starting personal training with Chrissie I have lost 16kgs. I chose to have personal training to improve my health and confidence, loose the excess weight and increase my fitness as I knew it would not happen on my own. I ended up changing my whole lifestyle and outlook on exercise and food.

Chrissie has been very supportive and flexible with the training and has the knowledge and experience to be able to incorporate the right workout plan to meet my goals. The training is always varied, challenging and fun, so I am continuously motivated to better myself. Initially, I could not run longer than 2 minutes, but have since ran a half marathon and completed a 12 week challenge. I am still so surprised at the transformation in my body and underestimated my own abilities. I would not have been able to reach these goals without the training, support and motivation from Chrissie. Chrissie is a great asset to the Fenix team and I have been so lucky to of had her as my trainer. June 2010 – 86kg and my favourite jean’s don’t do up… something’s gotta change, and then I met Chrissie!”


In 2010 I was bordering on ‘obese’ and my favourite jeans were finally too small, something had to change. I joined the gym and needed a trainer – Chrissie came recommended. I needed someone to keep me motivated, dedicated and interested. Over the next 18 months I lost 18 kilos and got into my gorgeous size ten wedding dress and felt fabulous. Chrissie was a constant source and motivation, encouragement and knowledge.  Most recently I have had a baby, I trained with Chrissie right up until I gave birth, helping to maintain a healthy, active pregnancy and in just a few more weeks will be back at it, getting rid of my post baby flab. Bring it on!


I chose Chrissie to be my personal trainer for the Fenix Transformation Challenge #7. This was my first ever challenge.

The reason I chose her was that I had taken part in her classes, which I enjoy very much. Chrissie puts so much energy into them, and I feel she is a great role model for women.

I started the challenge with a lower back pain. I was having treatment for this with a remedial masseuse, who was very apprehensive about me starting the challenge. He told me I would need to listen to my body, and be careful of certain exercises that could make my back worse.

At the end of the challenge, when I told him that I had reached my goal and a bit more, he commended Chrissie for listening to me and giving me alternative exercised to do.

Chrissie was always keeping me on track with my food and exercise plan.

On the 5 km run [which I don’t think I have done since leaving high school] she was always there to encourage me.

She is an inspirational person, for whom I have a lot of respect. I would do the same all over again.

Thank you very much Chrissie. You are the best.

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