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“My passion and purpose is to create Strong Woman, in body and mind!”

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I am New Zealand born and a Kiwi at heart, and after 10 years of beinga nomad, travelling and working in the fitness industry abroad, I am so happy to be back in the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. I spent time in Fiji, on cruise ships and in the Gold Coast of Australia. I am often referred to as “Pocket rocket”.


I have spent the last 24 years in the fitness industry, starting out as a group fitness instructor before moving onto the gym floor as a personal trainer. I then moved to Australia in 2010, after spending just under a year working on cruise ships and two and a half years in paradise in Fiji.


I have worked hard at building my successful fitness business, which included top level Health clubs in Australia, my own business in Fiji, and now with Les Mills in Auckland (Howick). It’s been great developing a strong personal training cliental including people of all ages, fitness levels, and goals. Most people know me to be a tough but friendly trainer, firm but ever caring, and I work hard to get the best from my clients. Many of my regular clients have also become close personal friends. I tend to be a very busy lady; my weekly schedule includes training clients, training my own self on the gym floor and with weight sessions, partaking in my new hobby of crossfit, teaching a number of Les Mills classes each week, and have been involved in the management of group fitness.

For a long time, my deep desire has been to reach out to many more people, in particular woman, and that with the help of the internet this is a goal that I can achieve.

I have 2 beautiful children, both grown and forging ahead with their own lives in New Zealand, and I now have  the time to devote to my other passion – fitness. Having just turned 50, I  understand the hardships of having had many obstacles to overcome in order to achieve those desired results. I know what it’s like when children are young and you simply haven’t the time to be at the gym every day. I also knows what it’s like to have your children leave home and be left on your own, wondering where your life is going next, which direction to take, and how to get your body and life back on track. It was at this juncture in life that I discovered a burning desire to stand  on my own merits and set new dreams for my own life, to be the creator of my own destiny and empire, and I became focused, and began making plans to pursue and achieve those dreams with goals in place.


I keep myself looking fit, healthy, and younger than her years by following a clever fitness and nutrition regime, which I have tweaked over  the past 20 or more years . It has been a work in progress, and needs constant developing. I have now made it a priority in my  life to stick to that regime and am passionate about sharing it with others. Over the years, I have developed a lifestyle that lives and breathes health, but I also know how to let go and enjoy life by indulging  in the odd pizza night, chocolate, cheesecake, and relaxing glass of red wine. It’s all about balance; making sure that you plan your week, plan your meals, and plan your weekly exercise schedule, making sure also that you have rest days away from the gym and take some time to relax and chill out.
It is my absolute passion in life to help create “Strong woman”! I love nothing more than taking woman from the group fitness room, the comfort zone…and leading onto the gym floor and teaching them how to empower themselves. Through weight training, confidence and owning their space there. And last but not least, I know how to have fun!Fun is SO important!


Life needs to be fun, needs to have direction, and needs to have purpose.And as a woman in her 50’s, I realise the importance strength has to a woman. The stronger she is, the more healthy her body is, the better she feels about herself, which means as woman, we empower ourselves…and a healthy, fit, strong woman makes for an awesome mother, wife, partner, work collegue, and person in any society.


CM x

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