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Coach Chrissie


I absolutely love helping people. It’s my life purpose!

  • 01 MEET

    and greet. Find out who you are, what you're about.

  • 02 EXPLORE

    what you want and setting goals.


    the bogies that have held you back in the past to overcome them.


    on a plan based on your lifestyle and goals, and DO IT.

  • 05 ANALYSE

    progress reports, determine what needs to be overcome or changed.


I love sharing my passion and knowledge for not only fitness and healthy well being, but for helping people to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle, to develop self nurture and to learn how to overcome the hurdles we come up against constantly. As a woman in my 50’s, I feel a deep desire to assist woman of similar age who long to feel fit, sexy, healthy and feel the love of life all over again.


I have been a part of some incredible transformations over the last 20 odd years, both in body and in mindset transformations. To see and experience the complete change a person has within themselves is the most rewarding aspect of my many years as a personal trainer and fitness coach. To see absolute joy and happiness on their faces is just awesome. I feel truly blessed to be able to inspire and motivate people to take control of their body, to be healthy, happy and looking Fit Funky and totally Fabulous!


So now, in this modern global world, I am able to do the same right here… via my online coaching program.

Whether you belong to a gym or not, is not important. What is important is that you realize that unless you do something different, nothing changes. I can tailor make a program that suits you perfectly for your lifestyle. Whether you are a shift worker, a mother, work in the corporate world, or are just embarking on a fitness journey, I can definitely and would love to help you achieve exactly what your heart desires to achieve. It can be gym based, home based, what ever works in with your lifestyle because sometimes, we just need to work efficiently with what we have got.


Regardless of where you are in the world, we can work together and you can be a part of my Fit, Funky and Fabulous community. Where we can tune in, learn, make progress, check progress and be a part of FFF events and upcoming retreats in various stunning locations around the world.


So, read on… enjoy this amazing site and make sure you contact me to chat more about what it is you want, and how I can help you.


Chat soon.


Chow for now…




  • Strong Fit You...A 10 week program

  • NZ$149910 weeks
  • 10 week  STRONG FIT YOU coaching program

    The 10-week Strong Fit You transformation program is just that. 10 weeks to a “new norm”, and getting that CONTROL back. Control of your hormones, your weight, your moods, your life.

    Once you take the focus off losing weight, and focus on gaining this control of your hormones, how you feel, get strong fit and healthy, then the weight will automatically start to drop off and you can again feel like a normal woman again.

    Included in the program is :

    • Personalised exercise program for you…which will change every couple of weeks
    • Personalised nutrition plan (not diet) …which will vary through out
    • Bonus live calls in FB group with guest speakers
    • FB group
    • Access to me daily
    • Call/session with me x 4 throughout the 10 weeks
    • Group call /week via Zoom
    • Weekly modules (10) discussing hormones, gut health, exercise, food, lifestyle and mind-set.

    This is designed to enlighten you, educate you and change you. Not to put a band aide on the problem but get to the bottom of it and make that transformation that will take you into your best years yet!!

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  • Strong Fit a monthly program for those who are already training and want a challenge!

  • NZ$49month ongoing
  • Home based or gym

    This membership program has 5 days a week workouts (if needed) all planned out for you. Mix and match as you please. It is designed for people who are already training and want a challenge and go to the next level with their training sessions, and become strong, in body and in mind!

    There is a valuable option to include a coaching session/week to help overcome any obstacles and get into the right mindset to go at it at your pace.

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  • Strong Fit You... Reset Program

  • NZ$4995 weeks
  • STRONG FIT YOU Reset Program

    5 Weeks To A Balanced Body & High Level Health So you’ve got more energy, a sense of achievement and can fit back into your clothes

    Here’s What’s Inside:

    • 1. Programming For You (Weights And Cardio): It’s a matter of tweaking what you are doing know, changing a few things to make your time at the gym more efficient, and results orientated.
    • 2. Nutritional Plan (Nutritional Ketosis/Paleo Type)
    • 3. FB Group: For conversation, questions, articles, ideas motivation.
    • 4. 5 x Weekly Modules: Including Mindset, importance of this type of nutrition, correct technique with exercise, hormones and their role in the body.

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